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Mite Gošev

  • Pastor Mite Goshev, born 1966 in Macedonia, has graduatedfrom the University of Economics after obtaining the high school diploma in the same subject in Skopje, Macedonia.


  • He has worked as an economist for 6 years before he decided to study Theology in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1995.


  •  After graduating in 1999, he was called back to Skopje, where he started his pastoral service.

  • After 6 years of pastoring in the Evangelical Congregational Church in Skopje, he founded a new church by the name of Free Evangelical Church “Good News” also located in Skopje, where he is still the lead pastor.


  • In the meantime, he finished his Master Studies at the TCMI in Wien specializing in Patrology.

  • Starting 2008 he is a lecturer at the Bulgarian Institute for Evangelical Theology in Sofia on the subjects of Patrology and Church History.

  • Since 2016 he lectures  at the Balkan Theological Seminary in Niš, Serbia on the subjects of Church History at the time of the Renaissance and Reformation.

  • He is also giving lectures on Biblical studies as a part of the training program for church planting, organized by the Biblical League in Bulgaria.

  • He has written and published exegetical commentaries on several Biblical books in Macedonia in the past few years.


  • He is married to Krasimira Gosheva from 1994, and they have 4 children.

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